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We carry major brand tires for any season and any vehicle. The tires you want a prices you can afford.

Purchasing tires from our repair shop offers a convenient and comprehensive care approach, allowing us to inspect other vital vehicle components like brakes, suspension, and alignment during your visit. This integrated service ensures your new tires are a perfect fit and promotes your car’s overall health and safety.

It’s a proactive step in preventative maintenance aimed at:

  • identifying and fixing potential problems early
  • preventing costly future repairs.
  • and enhancing your driving experience with greater reliability and safety!

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Tire rotations (this will also allow us to look at brakes in more detail)
Tire repair (patching) within 1st year
Tire Balancing
Road Hazard
4-Wheel Alignment

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Suspension and Steering

Diagnose, repair, and test your Subaru's steering and suspension

Keeping your vhecle turning well and riding smoothly down the road is something we do well. We can repair any issues you may have with your cars steering or suspension systems. Every problem is different, but we’ve been working on Subies and other vehicles long enough to know where to look and how to fix just about anything.

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Complete Subaru Exhaust Services

From 02 sensors and catalytic converters to complete exhaust replacements we have the tools and expertise that can keep your vehicle running efficiently and keep it nice and quiet. We work on both normal and turbo exhaust systems.

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Anything your Subaru Engine needs.

Sometimes bad things happen, if you have serious engine troubles regardless of the cause we can help you get your engine repaired or replaced. We work with the finest engine re-builders in the country to ensure that if the worst happens we can get you a like new engine for a great price.

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Diagnose, Repair or Replace your transmission issues.

Vehicles are reliable when maintained, but problems do happen. Transmission issues are some of the costliest and most time intensive repairs that a Subie could need. When you have transmission issues it’s better to come to the Subaru transmission experts here than trusting your car to a shop that only occasionally works on them.

We service all models, both automatic and manual. We can handle anything from a simple transmission filter and fluid change to a full replacement of a faulty transmission.

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We have a state of the art Subaru scan tool that helps us diagnose your vehicle's problem faster and more accurately. You will not pay us to experiment with your Subie. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable technicians will help fix your Subie faster and more efficiently!

We have a talented team of technicians that are experts in finding out what is causing issues in your car. We also have a Subaru Select Monitor and other factory software. This is a powerful fault code diagnostic device that had been developed using the latest advanced technology.

Whether you have a check engine light or an oil leak on your driveway, we have the expertise to find your problem quickly and efficiently. We can then plan out a time to make the needed repairs with as little time or hassle as possible.

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Replace spark plugs, filters, wires, and other small parts to increase your engine's efficiency.

Regular tune ups will help keep your Subaru running like a champ for years to come. When we do a tune up we make sure all the electrical, fuel, and air systems on your car are in great condition. Taking the time to get a Subaru specific tune up will not only save you money but save you time as well.

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Inspect and replace your current belt or disassemble your engine and repair any parts damaged by the breaking of your belt.

The timing belt is an incredibly important part of your engine, and they are recommenced to be replaced as often as every 100k miles. If your timing belt breaks then there is almost always very serious damage to the engine, so having it replaced regularly is one of the best things you can do for your Subaru.

If your timing belt has broken, we can help. We’ve seen it before and we know what parts need replaced and what ones will be fine. Our expertise will save you time and money on this major repair service.

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Oil Change, Inspection, Fluid Checks

Our  eco-oil changes are a great way to keep your vehicle running great. Since we only service Subaru we can save you money on this crucial prevention service. Call us today to schedule your service. While we’re under your vehicle, we’ll take the time to check other common failure parts to keep you up to date on the state of your car.

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Oil Change, Air Filter, Coolant Exchange, Spark Plugs, Fuel Filter, Tire Rotation

Want to keep your Subaru running great? Is your vehicle under warranty? We can provide scheduled maintenance that fulfills factory warranty obligations, and still costs less than the dealership. Plus we pay attention to a few other details to ensure your Subaru stays in tip top shape despite the particular demands of Michigan weather and traffic. Some places cut corners to save money and time, but we want to see you for your 200,000 mile service, so we take extra care to do scheduled maintenance right.

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Clean, resurface, and seal your headlights to make them nice and clear again.

Headlights are at the very front of your Subaru, and their plastic is constantly barraged by road debris and grime. Over time the plastic in the light assembly becomes yellowed or cloudy. This reduces visibility and just looks plain bad.

Our headlight restoration service can bring almost any headlight back to clear, beautiful, cleanness. We don’t just wash the lenses we use a special compound and application to cut the grime away.

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Check all your Bulbs, wipers, and batteries and get them replaced quickly for you.

We only work on Subarus, and we keep all the bulbs, wipers, batteries and other small parts on hand so that when you need to have a bulb changed we can get you the right item for your Subaru in no time without any extra hassle for you.

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