Repair Services

Suspension and Steering

Diagnose, repair, and test your Subaru's steering and suspension

Keeping your vhecle turning well and riding smoothly down the road is something we do well. We can repair any issues you may have with your cars steering or suspension systems. Every problem is different, but we’ve been working on Subies and other vehicles long enough to know where to look and how to fix […]

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Complete Subaru Exhaust Services

From 02 sensors and catalytic converters to complete exhaust replacements we have the tools and expertise that can keep your vehicle running efficiently and keep it nice and quiet. We work on both normal and turbo exhaust systems.

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Anything your Subaru Engine needs.

Sometimes bad things happen, if you have serious engine troubles regardless of the cause we can help you get your engine repaired or replaced. We work with the finest engine re-builders in the country to ensure that if the worst happens we can get you a like new engine for a great price.

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Diagnose, Repair or Replace your transmission issues.

Vehicles are reliable when maintained, but problems do happen. Transmission issues are some of the costliest and most time intensive repairs that a Subie could need. When you have transmission issues it’s better to come to the Subaru transmission experts here than trusting your car to a shop that only occasionally works on them. We […]

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We have a state of the art Subaru scan tool that helps us diagnose your vehicle's problem faster and more accurately. You will not pay us to experiment with your Subie. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable technicians will help fix your Subie faster and more efficiently!

We have a talented team of technicians that are experts in finding out what is causing issues in your car. We also have a Subaru Select Monitor and other factory software. This is a powerful fault code diagnostic device that had been developed using the latest advanced technology. Whether you have a check engine light […]

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Complete Subaru brake services, we service every make and model.

Michigan is great for all wheel drive vehicles, which makes sure we can always go even in the snow. But just as important is stopping well. Keeping the brakes up to snuff will ensure you can always stop safely and keep you and your family safe. We have experience on all types of brakes and […]

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Remove transmission, replace clutch disk, flywheel, slave cylinder.

Manual transmissions are one of the most enjoyable stick shifts you’ll ever drive. But with age clutch discs need replaced as they wear down. If you’re noticing harder shifting, or a slip when you put it in gear you may be due for a clutch repair. Our team will remove the transmission, check every component, […]

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Inspect, clean and replace your water pump.

Keeping your engine cool is absolutely required to keep you on the road. Sometimes leaks develop and if left unfixed can lead to much costlier repairs of the timing belt, or head gaskets. If you see any coolant dripping from your car contact us today and make sure it’s not a water pump failure.

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Diagnose, repair and replace any issue in your driveline components.

Putting the power to the road requires all of your drive line components to be in good working order, if any of these fail it’s likely the others are soon to follow. If you notice any clunking, thudding, or a loud “growl” coming from your wheels you should come on in and get your Subaru […]

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