Customer Questionnaires

Below, you’ll find a variety of intake forms that our tech team will use to collect additional information prior to your appointment.

Leaks and Smells

Are you noticing leaks and smells from your vehicle? After you’ve scheduled your service appointment with Empower Automotive, fill out this form so we can be prepared to best serve you.

Noise and Vibrations

Hearing strange noises or feeling vibrations while driving or idling? Answer these questions prior to your scheduled service appointment so our tech team can support you.

Driveability and Overheating

Struggling with your vehicle overheating? Are your dashboard lights indicating a problem? Let Empower Automotive take care of your vehicle with a little additional information.

New Customer

Are you a new Subaru owner? Have you had a Subaru for a while and need a trusted team of mechanics? Give us some more information about how you use your vehicle and we can support you for the long haul.