Subie Guys is Now Empower Automotive

Subaru • Honda • Toyota • and more…

We have proudly carried the name Subie (Subaru) Guys over the last 20 years! Our name is changing but our values are not! We are confident to move forward with the same passion, drive and excellence you have come to know and trust.

Why Did We Change Our Name?

Over the years, Subaru of America has stepped in on several occasions asking us to alter our logo, our brand colors, or our name to ensure the safety of their brand identity. We have always complied with their requests and have been able to come to satisfactory agreements. Within the last year, they have persisted in their request that we no longer use the name Subie Guys. Through our communications with them, terms could not be reached that would allow us to retain our beloved name.

And Also…

In the last year, we have been expanding our services to include other makes and models. Having the name “Subie Guys” has proved to be challenging to communicate this in our marketing. Subie “Guys” has been a woman-owned business for the last 5 years. While by itself, that was not enough of a reason to change our name, it has been a consideration.

Why Empower Automotive?

Changing the name of our business is not something we have taken lightly. After all, Subie Guys has become a locally respected name and we want that for our new name as well. After considering countless names, verifying they are available and testing them against our mission and values, we settled on Empower Automotive! It has always been our goal to educate our clients on their vehicles and help them prioritize repairs/maintenance based on their goals with their vehicles. We feel that our new name reflects this and our continued commitment to these values!

em•pow•er/ to give someone more control over their own life or situation; to give them the means to achieve something.